Horizon Ride Wear

As an integral piece of riding equipment for motorcycle riders beyond the leather jacket, tubular bandanas have long replaced the dangerous and out-of-style scarves of yesteryear. Now, every one needs a mask, if you follow the CDC guidelines.  Two-wheelers have been ahead of the curve for a while, but we're totally willing to share our experiences with the world!

Let's find the horizon of this global concern, together.

In 2015, while preparing to ride the length of South America on two wheels, I wanted a neck sleeve that not only protected my body from wind and debris, but one that also served a second function -- a common traveler's creed -- so I created one that also carried a general map and rough outline of my journey.  

Countless times a day, I would get asked from where I came. When language failed me, pictures spoke clearly... around my neck was a map of the world... from there they can see from where I came. Aqui, aqa! And it's much easier than the alternative when inside restaurants! (photo) Thus was born the O.G. design you see here. From there, the idea blossomed in to neck wear for other markets.... including the most current global need.   I hope you love them!

And while I cannot sew, I can design some masks and donate money to worthy causes. So, I will donate a portion of the proceeds made from these masks to the Feeding America. Front line workers also deserve the help, but this one is personal to me... too many people were hungry before their jobs were taken away. Every little bit helps, thank you!